About Ford

American River Pump Station

Ford was founded in 1978 as a general engineering contractor specializing in large general engineering construction projects. Ford has successfully completed over $1.0 billion in construction projects. Those projects include; landfills, earth-fill dams, large grading projects, domestic water systems, water treatment plants, water pumping plants, and river revetment work. Projects have varied in size from over $50 million to as small as a few thousand dollars.

Ford has earned a reputation for integrity, quality of work and fiscal responsibility. The company has traditionally obtained work through competitive hard money bidding. In the past 10 years, there has been an increase in negotiated work with the type and scope of contract tailored to suit the conditions of a specific project and/or program. This change toward negotiated work signifies confidence in Ford’s ability to construct quality projects on schedule and below budget.

Ford attributes much of this success and recognition to the progressive combination of outstanding management ability, superior construction techniques, and late-model equipment delivering completion of engineering projects for public and private clients.